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DNA knocks FNM manifesto promises

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) yesterday knocked the Free National Movement’s (FNM) 2012 manifesto promises, claiming that the Ingraham administration has failed to deliver on many of the promises it made in its 2007 manifesto.

“I once trusted in these promises, it wasn’t long before I realized that the FNM did not deliver,” said DNA Leader Branville McCartney, who resigned from the FNM last year.

“Before he composes another book of broken promises, vague polices, and empty statements, the DNA demands that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham explains why, in a gracious five-year term, he was not able to achieve what he promised.  And furthermore, if he did not keep these promises last time, why should the Bahamian people put their trust in him again?”

In a statement issued last night, the DNA claimed the FNM failed to follow through on several things it promised, particularly regarding a long-term immigration policy, balancing the budget and establishing a consumer protection agency.

During its national candidates launch at the Wyndham Nassau Resort on Sunday, the prime minister unveiled some of the party’s 2012 manifesto promises which include the introduction of catastrophic health insurance, extended unemployment benefits and the construction of new wings at the Princess Margaret Hospital, among other things.

In terms of its national plan, the DNA said its “Vision 2012 and Beyond” will be released in short order and will “outline the DNA’s policies on national issues along with a clear and concise timeline for execution”.

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