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Be a blessing to be blessed

I guess that it is the natural desire of just about everyone, that they be blessed in their life, each and every day. Well my friend, as today’s title states, you need to be a blessing to be blessed. Well, that sounds nice D. Paul, but what exactly does it mean, many may query? Well, let me tell you how Joel Osteen talked about this important subject on television a few Sundays ago. Joel said every opportunity you have, be good to people. Oh my God, that is really so very simple, and yet if every, single soul presently inhabiting mother earth were really doing what Joel suggested, they’d most definitely be a blessing to others, and as a result, they would be blessed too. We’d also have a much better world for all to abide in.

Unfortunately, most people when they initially awake in the morning are thinking in exactly the opposite way by saying to themselves, I wonder what I can get today? How can I get blessed? Well my friend, if you’re focusing on what you can get, what’s in it for you, well then, you really are focusing on the wrong end of the stick. In all things, we need to focus our attention on the giving end of the scale. When we do that, we will have real balance in our life and affairs as we get back the blessings we give to others in great abundance. Yes indeed, there’s no doubt about it, as Joel Osteen so very wisely advocated, we all need to be a blessing to be blessed.

When you start to really think about it, there are indeed so many ways in which we can be a blessing to others. By just being positive and upbeat, and by smiling and encouraging everyone whom we meet and talk to we can be a blessing, a positive, uplifting blessing to all whom we encounter throughout the day, evening and night. Don’t ever forget the universal law of cause and effect, which Emerson simply referred to as the law of laws, that’s how very important he thought this law was which states that as we sow — so shall we reap.

So my friend, in conclusion, if you wish to be truly blessed today, well then make absolutely sure, that you are a real blessing to a whole lot of people. You know, life really is much simpler to understand than a whole lot of people think it is. In short, give and you’ll receive. What you put out each and every day of your life, will, it must eventually return to you, and usually greatly multiplied, into the bargain. So, why don’t you start to compile a list of people whom you need to be a blessing to, and exactly what you intend to do to be a blessing to them. This is surely the simple way to a fulfilled day, and indeed life.


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