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Strong demand for smart phones

Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) executives are seeing a demand for smart phones from their customers and expect the growth in this market to continue

“We have seen quite a lot of our customers purchasing smart phones.  It has become quite a phenomenon since there is a such wide variety of smart phones that are available now,” according to Alphanique Duncombe, BTC’s product manager for wireless.

“We have seen the demand coming from the local market after BTC started to offer a lot more phones because of their design and functionality.  Before launching the 4G technology in December, BTC carried of a lot of basic handsets.  Now, coupled with advertising and a rise in the U.S. market, we have seen the demand locally.

“People are realizing the importance of mobility and the ability to do several things on your phone.  You need to be able to check your emails on the go.  Bahamians are really starting to see the need to have a smart phone.  You can’t live without it.”

Duncombe pointed out to Guardian Business that BTC has seen a significant increase in its number of data subscribers as a result of its 4G launch back in December 2012.

“Every month, we see it going up so we expect to see continuous growth.  We have LTE coming up, more demand is there because you don’t just want to be mobile but you want everything fast,” she said.

“You want to be able to have the same experiences you would have sitting in front of the computer.  Once we are able to bring that to the customers, there is no need for the computer anymore.  Everything is pretty much done on your device.”

“Our data subscribers have risen incredibly and it’s continuing to rise now.”

In fact, Duncombe revealed to Guardian Business that just in the month of December, BTC sold between 15,000 to 20,000 phones, and most of them were smart phones.  She believes those figures can give an idea of how great the smart phone “phenomenon” has been for the telecommunications company.

“We’ll definitely see an increase in sales because most of our devices, especially the ones that are coming out next quarter, are in fact smart phones.  There will be a new range of handsets that are coming out in the next quarter,” she added.

“The smart phones are more affordable in comparison to the last year where you would have had to pay $500 plus for a smart phone.  Now you’re able to get an android device for $99 so customers nowadays are opting to buy smart phones as opposed to a basic phone that can’t really do much.”

In March, BTC forecasted a 40 percent “uplift” in data traffic this year after registering an 81 percent explosion in the smart phone usage for 2012.

BTC is targeting both the high-end smart phone market and an even more expansive entry-level market.

The result is far more data usage and ultimately higher revenue for BTC.

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