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COB set for its fifth annual sports camp

Having the proper technique is very important if you are participating in sports. That’s why Sean Bastian is inviting parents to enroll their kids in the 5th Annual College of The Bahamas Sports Camp.

The four-week camp, running June 24-July 19, will cater to kids between the ages of 8-13. It is designed to instill the fundamentals to the campers who will be taking part in basketball, swimming, soccer and track and field. While pointing out that anyone can attempt a jump shot, kick a soccer ball, splash around in the water or sprint at the sound of the gun, Bastian asked how many of them would have the proper technique while executing.

“This is a camp where we stress the fundamentals in the four disciplines that we offer,” said Bastian, assistant athletics director at the college. “What I really like to stress to the parents is the importance of introducing the child to more than one discipline, in four weeks.

Every hour we move to another discipline. If we start of with basketball, that will last an hour, then the campers will move on to swimming and so forth. At the end of the four weeks you will see the improvement in the fundamental skills. This is what sets the College of The Bahamas (COB) Sports Camp apart from the other camps in the country which probably only offer one discipline to the camper, or the camper will have to pick which sporting discipline they want to partake in, that’s if they offer more than one.

“With your child being on the COB campus, it gives them the opportunity to see first-hand what college life entails. They also get the opportunity to interact with a number of our student-athletes, those who are on scholarships and those who are not. They also get a tour of the campus, especially the library where they have access to for school and other private projects. We hope that this is a motivating factor for them so when they are looking at colleges, they will keep us in mind or better yet, make us their first choice. By them being on campus it really sets a precedence that this is what college life is all about.”

The four coaches heading the program are former national soccer coach Vandyke Bethel, Charlene Smith, Marvin Darville and Glendeno Dorsette. Bethel will head the soccer program, Smith is the basketball coach, and Darville and Dorsette are the instructors for track and field and swimming respectively. Each coach will have about 11 assistants, which includes national team standouts and collegiate student-athletes.

Bastian said: “This is the fifth year, and I have seen the camp grow over the years. When we first started out we only had a few campers, but more and more persons are joining and those who enrolled in the first year have returned. They are eager and ready to participate. They’ve all been able to put to use what they have learned and you can see the improvements. We are highly subscribed to because the camp is centrally located, in terms of being in the Oakes Field area.”

Interested persons can register at the College of The Bahamas’ Oakes Field campus. A $200 fee is being charged to all participants. The camping hours are 9 a.m-2 p.m.

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