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NAGB summer camp off to good start

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) is hosting its first Summer Art Camp, which started Monday, July 15 and will wrap up on Friday, August 2.

NAGB Education Officer Jordia Benjamin said the camp has been well-subscribed and should give the gallery good ideas for future programs.

“So far, [the camp is] going well,” Benjamin told Guardian Arts&Culture. “We have a good group of interested kids. They are very enthusiastic.”

The students are designing and painting a mural on the gallery’s annex, which is used for storage.

The students, who are working with artist Allan Wallace, came up with the theme for the mural and drew the imagery.

“Mr. Wallace put everything all together, and they’re actually mapping that out and seeing their drawings come to life,” said Benjamin.

The mural project is expected to continue into next week, and the gallery is looking at doing a printmaking workshop for the week of July 29.

Benjamin also mentioned the gallery’s hope that this workshop would encourage everyone, especially young people, to be more interested in the events and programs at the gallery.

“Our mission statement is ‘This gallery is your gallery’. So if you are interested in seeing particular things that need to happen, let us know. We’ll take that into consideration and try to build upon that,” she said.

“I thank the parents for making [this workshop] happen because if they weren’t interested or if they weren’t pushing and calling around, then it might have not taken off.

“Because of the feedback from parents and other calls, we know how to structure the programs for next year. We want to offer it for a younger age group because we had a 12 to 15 target and then [got] a lot of feedback asking if [the age range] could be a whole lot younger.”

In addition to the Summer Art Camp, the NAGB also offers a film series program, art workshops for adults and other programs that teach and educate people about various media that artists use.


• For more information about NAGB offerings, contact Jordia Benjamin, educational officer, at 328-5800/1 or


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