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Dead ducks part of ‘bizarre find’

Two dead ducks, a hangman’s noose, a hammer, handsaw, machete and slaughter cage near a pond of ducks and geese made for a “bizarre” scene in bushes off Devonshire Street in Cable Beach yesterday.

In another clearing opposite the ducks, officials found two stone life-sized angels perched on a stone structure, but there was no evidence these statues were related to what had taken place with the ducks.

Inspector Valentino Armaly of the Bahamas Humane Society said he got an anonymous call around 3:30 p.m. that there was a “voodoo site” in the Devonshire Street area.

Armaly said when he responded he found two dead, white ducks, one of which had its throat slit.

He said he also found the hammer, handsaw, machete, slaughter cage and a noose at the site.

“When they called they said it was like a voodoo scene,” he said.

“When I came out here I was expecting to find something weird.”

Armaly said he does not believe the site was used for any ritual sacrifices.

“It’s really weird to see that a handsaw, a hammer and a cutlass are here,” he said.

“Then to see pans and the noose, it’s really weird.

“Something is going on, but what it is we can’t say right now.”

The site is located directly off the residental Devonshire Street.

Jim Crosby, a consultant at the Bahamas Humane Society and retired police officer from Florida, also said the find was strange.

“I thought we were going to find some ritual sacrifice site, but this really doesn’t look much like it,” Crosby said.

“It looks weird, the fact that somebody put a noose in the tree is definitely odd and a little bit troubling.

“One has to think, what did they want to do with a noose that is big enough for a human?”

Crosby said usually at a ritual site one finds icons of saints, tobacco, liquor bottles and knives.

“The police have been notified, so I’m hoping they will keep an eye on the area out here,” he said.

“When we leave we’ll take the noose out of the tree so nobody can get into mischief with it.”

They also took two of the ducks which appeared to be in distress. Armaly said they will be taken to the Bahamas Humane Society and later to a permanent safe place.

The dead ducks were left at the scene.


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