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Rutherford to stage athletic camp in Acklins

For more than 25 years, Frank Rutherford has traveled to the Family Islands giving back to the youth.

The 1992 Olympic bronze medalist in the triple jump has conducted triple jump camps, basketball camps, football camps, track and field camps and motivational speaking tours that have inspired the youth in the islands. In every island, Rutherford is not satisfied with just doing camps, but he has a track record of identifying raw talent. When he leaves the country, he usually takes a “diamond in the rough” with him to his Elite Bahamian Education Program back in Houston, Texas, where the young athlete is hopefully polished into a highly recruited college-bound student-athlete.

“The goal is to ensure that young Bahamian athletes get in a position to get a free college eduction,” said Rutherford. “The work of the Elite Bahamian Education Program speaks for itself.”

In August, Rutherford will conduct his athletic combine camp in Acklins. The camp will evaluate speed, strength, basketball skills, football drills, overall athletic skills and measure height of the individuals. Rutherford always felt that the untapped talent is there in the Family Islands, and he wants to build a data base of all of the kids in the islands. He wants to expose them to all sports which can lead to a free college education and professional athletic careers.

The camp will be a one-week experience, and after Rutherford makes recommendations to parents as to the talents their kids have, he is hopeful that they will capitalize on the opportunities out there for them. The camp is also being held under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources & Local Government V. Alfred Gray.

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