Wednesday, Aug 5, 2020

The Commonwealth: The black and white of it

Boris Johnson, the mayor of the British capital city, London, has joined in a chorus of voices in the Conservative Party that has been calling for Britain to abandon its membership of the European Union (EU) and to look instead to the Commonwealth of Nations as “countries that offer immense opportunities for British goods, people, services and

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Second home rentals should pay tax

Dear Editor, With the recent letter sent out to second homeowners on Eleuthera, an old debate has been given new life. There are those who don’t want to “offend” the second homeowners who are seen to bring money to the islands in the form of tourism, but this hotel guest tax is passed on to the

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Preparing for VAT

The government has set July 1, 2014 as the date for the biggest change to the Bahamian tax system in recent memory. It plans to bring forward a value-added tax (VAT), to create a central revenue service and to cut many customs duty rates. To inform the people of what

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