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Minnis says FNM still committed to lawsuit against government

The Free National Movement (FNM) has not abandoned its promised class action lawsuit against the government for the “victimization” of several of its supporters, Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis said yesterday.

He said the FNM still intends to file the suit once it gets sufficient evidence of victimization.

“As long as people are being victimized, we will defend them,” Minnis said.

“Once they come forward we will defend them. The FNM believes in equality, freedom and transparency. So once the people come forward, we stand ready.”

Asked how many people have come forward since he announced last August that the party intends to file a class action lawsuit, Minnis said he was not sure.

However, The Nassau Guardian understands that only a few complainants have taken the opposition up on its offer.

When he announced the plan, Minnis said, “If the government continues not to hear the cry of its victims for mercy, it will be made to feel the weight of the law.

“The Constitution of The Bahamas specifically protects Bahamians from discrimination and government oppression based on chosen and political opinions.”

Minnis renewed his call for Bahamians who have been unlawfully terminated from contractual employment to bring all necessary documentary evidence to the FNM headquarters.

Minnis said legitimate cases will be evaluated for inclusion in a civil lawsuit against the government.

He said previously that workers employed with the Urban Renewal Program and former Hospital Administrator at Princess Margaret Hospital Coralie Adderley are among workers whose contracts were abruptly terminated or not renewed.

The FNM put together a team of legal advisors to review each case of alleged political victimization, to take all necessary legal measures, and to obtain appropriate compensation and redress for people who have been victimized.

Former Attorney General Carl Bethel is reportedly heading the effort.

He could not be reached yesterday for comment.

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