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Sports academy concept appropriate for golf body

The big idea behind the development of the nine-hole golf course at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre is that it serves as a major plank for an academy. Long before the present central administration began making initial strides towards a National Sports Academy, the Bahamas Golf Federation had a similar plan on the table.

A good bit of years have passed however. Another government came to power and was eventually rejected by the voters five years later. The present political group is a year and a half back at the helm and the course is still not yet completed. The kind of stagnancy such a failing has created for the national golf program must be addressed by the newly-elected BGF executives, headed by Craig Flowers.

It is my understanding that there has been a bit of a breakdown in communication between the BGF and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. Obviously, the situation calls for Flowers to immediately seek a meeting of the minds between he and his executives together with Sports Minister Dr. Daniel Johnson and his ministry hierarchy.

Right out of the box, Flowers faces a big test. The stalled process of the nine-hole course should be attended to immediately. There are some hurdles regarding labor and property rights to be cleared, I have been told. Nevertheless, this is a show that must go on with efficiency, to the benefit of the national golf program.

The time is right for networking with Johnson. He represents a government that has gone out on a limb in promising the country a National Sports Academy. The many smaller parts like the BGF and its proposed golf academy are components of what is to become the “whole” National Sports Academy.

Sports Minister Johnson speaks quite often these days to the significance of the National Sports Academy. I have no doubt that he is quite serious about carrying out the mandate of his government. Flowers, as the new BGF president, is under the gun early. He needs to immediately demonstrate a capacity to be a positive dimension at the top of the organization.

It just seems that there are many more matters of mutual importance to the parties than those issues that cause communication lapses.

Johnson will be interested, without a doubt, in a comprehensive outlook on the part of the BGF that focuses equally on an educational plan for the young boys and girls who play golf. At present, the sport is elitist. The big thrust of the National Sports Academy is one of being all-inclusive of the social and economic categories.

I believe the “academy” approach will be embraced wholeheartedly by Johnson. Whatever the case, the BGF needs to get moving with its overall development program. Marrying the progressive thoughts of all and sundry is the way to go.

President Flowers, you have to lead the charge. Run up a string of birdies and get the BGF going again on all cylinders, as once was the case. You are in charge at a time when the sports culture is responsive to collaborative development.

Go for it!


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