Monday, May 25, 2020


You will note that today’s title is a little bit unusual as it contains just one word, but my friend, an extremely important word as it relates to your whole life experience and success or failure, across the board, and that word is “control”. Yes indeed, in all facets of one’s life you have to be able to control your thoughts and subsequent actions each and every minute of each and every day of your life. We’ve all I’m sure heard the expression used in relation to a particular person, he or she is completely out of control, or that person’s life is out of control. Yes indeed, there’s no doubt about it, if you wish to become and indeed remain successful in all aspects of your life, you’ve simply got to learn to control yourself, your thoughts, emotions and subsequent actions.

As I observe people today, a whole lot of them appear to have no control whatsoever over their life. And my friend, of this I’m absolutely certain, if you wish to have a successful, prosperous and peace-filled life, you are most definitely going to have to control all of your thoughts and actions very carefully. I guess to do this, that is control oneself, it’s really in the end a matter of discipline, and as we all know one needs to be well-disciplined if success is to be attained, across the board. As Sir Arthur Foulkes, former Governor General of The Bahamas put it in an interview which I conducted with him for my “Success Files” series “Discipline is an essential ingredient in any successful recipe.” Yes it is!

So my friend, are you a person who is able to control yourself at all times, control your thoughts and subsequent actions? I do sincerely hope and pray, that your honest answer to that straightforward question was in the affirmative. However, if per chance it was in the negative as you are indeed inclined to lose your cool, thus allowing yourself to completely lose control far too many times, perhaps now would be a good time for you to seek out a professional counselor or qualified life coach who can assist you in rectifying this destructive, out of control behavior, which could indeed totally wreck your plans for future success, across the board.


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