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COB president promises transparency

College of The Bahamas (COB) president Dr. Rodney Smith indicated that the soon-to-be University of The Bahamas would begin work towards acquiring full accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), an umbrella organization that accredits and reviews colleges, schools, elementary, middle and high schools and universities; and the Commission on Colleges deals directly with colleges and universities. Its mission is to assure the educational quality and improve the effectiveness of its member institutions with six core values — integrity, peer review/self-regulation, accountability, continuous quality improvement and student learning.

Dr. Smith said the college would also seek to acquire national accreditation from the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

At the open session of the faculty seminar for new and returning COB members, Dr. Smith gave a commitment of continued transparency from Dr. Smith

“The commitment I make to you is that we will remain transparent in our efforts. We will continue to seek your input, as we continue to be grateful for your support and encouragement,” said Dr. Smith on Monday. The session was held in the Performing Arts Centre.

He spoke to a $2.6 million dollar technology upgrade on their campuses as well as the construction of the new entrance for the university.

Dr. Sidney McPhee, president of Middle Tennessee State University, who is a Bahamian and who has extensive experience in the accreditation process told the faculty that when someone tells them that they have met the standard and are good, that it is something a price tag can’t be put on, not only for recruitment of students, but also for seeking investment.

He spoke to the faculty on the core requirements for an institution such as COB to meet in order to receive accreditation and added benefits.

“It is the quality stamp of approval you want to be a top notch university whether it’s SACS or some other accrediting agencies,” said Dr. McPhee. “You can go to donors and say ‘we meet all the standards of a national association we’re SACS accredited — these young people deserve the best and you need to support us.’”

Eleven new faculty members joined COB, eight with terminal degrees. Approximately 1,500 new students were accepted for Fall 2015. The academic year will begin Monday, August 24.

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