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Sherman ‘Tank’ Williams is ready to go on August 28

Grand Bahamian Sherman “Tank” Williams is fit, ready and excited to fight thirty-two year old Christian “Hammer” Ciocan in his hometown in Galati, Romania on Friday, August 28, 2015.

Dubbed the boxing ambassador for The Bahamas, 98 percent of William’s bouts have been fought around the world while clad in patriotic Bahamian colors, including in Canada, China, Finland, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, the Caribbean and throughout the United States of America.

Williams, 42, said he “is confident and excited about the upcoming 10-round heavy weight fight with Ciocan and feels physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for the historic bout”.

Boxing professionally in the heavy weight division since 1997, Williams believes that his experience as a veteran boxer coupled with his unique style of boxing, which he calls “conch punches”, and which utilizes consistent inside blows, gives him the “upper hand” and competitive edge over his opponent, Ciocan, who has fought 21 fights, 17 wins (including 10 Kos) and 4 losses.

Williams has competed in some 52 fights including 37 wins, (21 KOs), 11 losses, three draws and one no-contest, the later of which was fought against a bloodied Evander Holyfield in West Virginia in 2011.

“I am a fierce and proud Bahamian warrior, who knows and understands the life of a pirate, someone with limitless boundaries and whose skills have to always outshine those in another man’s turf, warriors always prevail,” he said.

“The disadvantage of fighting Hammer in his hometown against a no doubt large Romanian audience is my incentive to fight even harder. “Hammer will have little to no opportunities to get his punches off,” Williams said. “I will fight him from the inside, stay close to him, be aggressive, consistent and explosive in my blows and then take him out,” he added.

“It will give me no greater joy in Romania than to bring the title back to the people of The Bahamas whom I feel honored and privilege to represent.”


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