Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Brawl erupts at police funeral

A violent altercation erupted at a police funeral yesterday afternoon, which resulted in a female officer and a man, believed to be her husband, being arrested, The Nassau Guardian can confirm.

According to well-placed sources, the female officer and the man fought with a senior officer outside New Bethlehem Baptist Church, on Independence Drive around 2 p.m. The church service was to funeralize Constable Wesley Gaitor, who was attached to the Northeastern Division.

Footage and photos purported to be from the incident were widely circulated on social media.

The Nassau Guardian understands the fight stemmed from a dispute over parking at the church.

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, who attended the funeral along with his executive team, confirmed that a female officer and a man related to her were taken into custody due to an altercation outside the church.

“Where we are now is, I am not going to be able to give you any [more] information regarding the incident that occurred post the funeral service because the matter is being adjudicated now from a disciplinary standpoint,” Greenslade said.

“The female officer is in custody and the male is in custody.

“And, so as to not prejudice the matter, I cannot comment any further on it.

When asked whether charges were possible, Greenslade said, “Definitely. Definitely.”

He called the matter very unfortunate, but insisted that, despite the incident, the Royal Bahamas Police Force demonstrated the “greatest measure of respect” to the fallen officer and his relatives.

“We have nothing but good memories around the service from start to finish,” Greenslade said.

“I cannot in good faith tell the public that we have any reason to have any bad feelings about our dearly departed, and his family and the funeral.”

Greenslade added that a female reserve officer was discharged from the organization for spreading photos of a separate incident, though he did not specify what the photos depicted.

“The person in question is a former reserve officer and now is back to civilian life,” he said.

“We had some pictures going viral, which certainly would have brought discredit to the reputation of the force.”