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The powerful manager

Managers often label themselves as being aggressive. In other words, they consider themselves to be go-getters. They do not allow anything to hold them back. They go for what they want, they are determined and uncompromising, a trait many admire. However, aggressiveness is a mindset that plays out as ruthless, belligerent and destructive because it is rooted in fear, scarcity, win-lose and desperation. The fear is that they will not succeed unless they step on someone else to get where they are going, compromise their values or make others look bad so they can look good. This is a scarcity mentality that believes there is simply not enough for everyone. The pie is only so big. In order for me to win someone has to lose. Aggressiveness is more than a behavior; it is a mindset. The way you think ultimately will determine your approach.

Though it may get you where you want to go an aggressive mindset will more than likely hurt you in the long run. If you become known for ruthlessness and burn bridges in your pursuit of success, it is like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Your success is hinged to your team and colleagues. You never know when you may need the very person you crushed to get ahead, or maybe their relative or friend.

Actually, the benefits of assertiveness are far more powerful. The assertive manager is also a go-getter, tenacious, and uncompromising. However, the mindset is different. They are driven by confidence, not fear. They know they are worthy of recognition therefore they don’t have to fight for it. They can deflect praise and positive attention to put spotlight on their team. They know highlighting someone else takes nothing away from them. They understand that making someone else look bad does not make them look good. They believe if people work at it, there is always a comparable agreement. To be assertive requires focus, strength and confidence.

When assertiveness is paired with great interpersonal skills, the sky is the limit. This is the manager who can galvanize their team to achieve great success. The assertive manager can get his team to go far beyond the call of duty, simply because the approach is different. Assertiveness believes no one is better than me… nor am I better than anyone else. So this shapes the way they communicate. They receive respect because they give it. They know what they want but they understand everyone has their own desires.

Assertive people understand the power of genuine rapport. Rapport is a mutual respect. When people develop good rapport, they help each other out of goodwill. This makes achieving goals incredibly easier for the go-getter.

The assertive manager is able to set the bar higher for their team without backlash. The communication is open and the team trusts their leader. These are the leaders who can lay it on the line with their staff, without fear that they will hold a grudge. Their underlying respect for others allows them to be direct without being offensive. To be a powerful manager, strive to develop and fine tune your assertiveness skills.


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Kim Welcome is CEO of Influential Voice, a Communication Trainer and Coach; she assists businesses and professionals to achieve their goals by helping them to develop deliberate, skillful, polished communication skills. Contact: [email protected] or call 242-225-9013.

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