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Forty-two years for McCartney’s killer

The woman convicted of manslaughter in connection with the shooting and armed robbery of popular pharmacist Richard Kurt McCartney in 2013 could soon be reunited with her three-year-old son.

Lyndera Curry was yesterday sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for McCartney’s death and two years for his armed robbery after she was credited with the three years that she had spent in custody awaiting trial.

On the other hand, Curry’s boyfriend and the father of her son, Thorne Edwards, was sentenced to 42 years for McCartney’s murder and 17 years for his armed robbery.

In passing sentence, Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs rejected arguments by prosecutor Roger Thompson that the crimes fell into the category of the worst of the

worst and deserved the most severe punishment.

Thompson had asked for Edwards to receive the death penalty for McCartney’s murder and a life sentence for the armed robbery and two life sentences for Curry.

An anonymous witness, who drove Edwards and Curry to Gambier, testified that Curry approached McCartney as he exited the Last Man Standing bar on October 24, 2013. The witness said they appeared to be arguing and that Curry motioned and Edwards approached them. Edwards pushed McCartney, who pushed back and Edwards shot McCartney once in the head.

The witness said that the assailants got into McCartney’s Hummer and rolled over McCartney’s body as they drove off.

In respect of Edwards, Isaacs said, “The Crown has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that this murder is the worst of the worst, or that there is no reasonable prospect for his reform. This murder, however, seems senseless and callous, the taking of a life without hesitation.”

Isaacs referred to Thompson’s suggestion that there is a public outcry for the death penalty. However, the judge said, “The blood lust of the public is never a factor that can be taken into account.”

He said the court is required to consider all the circumstances of the offense and the offender.

Thompson cited the seriousness of the offense, the severity of injuries, the discharging of a firearm in a public place, the high level of crime in society, and Edwards’ lack of remorse as aggravating factors.

Edwards’ lawyer, Geoffrey Farquharson, said the evidence disclosed no motive for the murder and the taking of the vehicle appeared to be been done out of panic.

Isaacs said, “I note that the Hummer was abandoned a short distance from the scene, which tends to support Mr. Farquharson’s argument.”

As for Curry, Isaacs said he was “mindful that she had no firearm”.

Isaacs noted that Curry’s lawyer Sonia Timothy referred to the case of Keith Lotmore, who was sentenced to six years for manslaughter.

At the time of the incident, Curry was just 19 years old. Isaacs said, “From the evidence she may not have formed an intention to kill McCartney, but she was convicted of armed robbery during which McCartney was killed. These factors led to her conviction for manslaughter.”


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