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Family: Depression led to man’s suicide

Family members believe depression was the reason behind their loved one allegedly taking his own life early yesterday morning.

Emotional relatives identified the man as Randolph “Randy” Sweeting, 48, a father of three and an employee of D’Albenas Agency.

According to head of the Central Detective Unit (CDU) Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander, it was shortly after seven o’clock that Sweeting was found hanging from a drop cord which was thrown over a rafter in the shed of his Hillside Estates residence.

“The only information we have at this time from family members, is they all woke up this morning and said a prayer as usual and he left with a drop cord to do some work in the shed,” he told reporters outside the family residence.

“After family members did not hear or see him for a while, they decided to go and make a check and they discovered him hanging from there.”

Fernander said police did not see any indication of foul play, but will await an autopsy report to determine the exact cause of death.

According to a relative, Sweeting’s wife discovered his body.

Sweeting’s family said he had been depressed since December, but they did not find out until a month ago.

They said he had recently fallen into financial difficulty and had to remortgage his home.

Caroline Sweeting, a sister of the alleged suicide victim, said family members did everything they could to help her brother, even counseling him themselves.

She said Sweeting received counseling and pastoral guidance and attended church on Sunday.

“We did everything we possibly could to encourage him to trust in God because he tells us to cast our burden on him and Randy was the type of person [who] just wanted to get the answer now,”  she said.

His sister, Colleen Sweeting, described her brother as a loving and caring person who just got into a situation that was too much for him.

“It was unbearable for him and at this time, he didn’t know what to do, where to go and where to turn so he just gave up on life,” she said.

The sisters said the last time the extended family saw Sweeting was on Monday when the family gathered to lend support.

This is the second tragedy to hit the family within months.

On January 9, Colleen and Caroline’s brother, Anthony Butler, was allegedly stabbed to death by his daughter Antonia, 23.

According to police, they were involved in an argument, when the stabbing occurred in their Imperial Park home.

On January 12, Antonia was charged with the murder of her father and remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

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