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Wells: Sands should resign now

Free National Movement (FNM) Senator Dr. Duane Sands’ announcement that he will resign if FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is re-elected as party leader at the July convention “showed either a lack of common sense or that he doesn’t have any loyalty”, according to former Cabinet Minister Tennyson Wells.

The honorable thing for Sands to do would be to give up his nomination and resign his Senate seat with immediate effect, Wells told The Nassau Guardian on Wednesday.

“What he did, in terms of accepting an appointment, then making a statement that if Dr. Minnis wins the leadership he will resign, tells you that he either lacks common sense, that he doesn’t have any loyalty and that he has no respect at all for democracy and teamwork in political organizations,” Wells said.

“Unless Dr. Minnis wins by some foul means, then you should support him. He has a right to challenge, but don’t say, ‘If he wins, I’m going to resign’. So, if he wins, is he going to resign to stop Dr. Minnis from being prime minister?

“I don’t see how he can really stay there… I think Dr. Minnis and the council should revoke the nomination that they gave him. He is saying after the election, if Minnis wins, he has no confidence in him. That means you have no respect for majority rule or democracy.”

Sands told The Nassau Guardian that his decision was solely “out of respect to the leader of the FNM”.

He said, “Having decided in convention to oppose the leadership team, if I lose and they win, the honorable thing to do would be to offer my resignation.

“Should the leader decide to accept it, so be it; if he doesn’t, that is his decision.

“My decision is not saying ‘sour grapes, suck my teeth, I am going to quit’, but it is based on wishing to do what is the honorable thing to do as a politician.

“As most people would imagine, it is an unusual circumstance.”

Wells said while there is no doubt that Sands is a good doctor, “he should leave politics alone”.

“He should not have accepted the nomination in the first place because if they were being strategic in planning to win the next general election, I thought that he was such a capable fella that he didn’t need a Senate post to win,” he said.

“They should have given it to some other person who needed the profiling.

“… According to my reports, he is a good doctor and surgeon, but clearly he is not a politician and he should leave politics.

“After what he has displayed over the last few weeks and months, he shouldn’t bother with politics.”

Wells doubted that Sands would have a chance at beating FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest in the party convention next month, especially since he has a history of losing.

“He ran twice — in a by-election and a general election,” Wells said.

“He ran internally in the party and lost that, but he believes he should be deputy leader?

“I don’t think he or Loretta or anyone else has a fighting chance against Minnis. I don’t see them going anywhere. Based on their actions, the public should support Dr. Minnis because it’s clear that they were undermining him from day one. They never had any intention to support him.”

Wells reassured his faith in the FNM, in particular Dr. Minnis winning in the convention and general election.

He called on Prime Minister Perry Christie to also “do the honorable thing and go”.

“In spite of all that, I believe Minnis will win the leadership and I believe he will win the election,” Wells said.

“He will beat Mr. Christie as well.

“I think Christie is a nice guy, but he has lost it. He can’t take the country any further. I think he has had his time. He should do the honorable thing and go and leave it to Brave Davis or some of those other fellas.”


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