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KB’s latest Save The Bays release ‘Anchor Projects’ draws 40,000-plus views in first month

Kirkland “KB” Bodie, The Bahamas’ top-selling recording artist, is pouring on the lyrical heat again taking his message with the unmistakable beat and a social conscience to the airwaves and the public’s appetite is bigger than ever — more than 40,000 have tuned in to hear “Anchor Projects” since it launched in May.

“Anchor Projects hurtin’ we all’’ is the latest in a series of songs with substance written and produced by KB and sponsored by Save the Bays, an environmental advocacy group with more than 20,000 Facebook friends and nearly 7,000 signatures on a petition calling for comprehensive freedom of information and environmental protection legislation. Its latest petition speaks directly to the subject of anchor projects and urges government not to replace the current Planning and Subdivision Act with a weaker version that would allow more projects to go through with less environmental and community control.

“Each one of the pieces I produced is aimed at getting all Bahamians regardless of age, education or social status to understand that what is important is preserving our environment and our culture, not trying to imitate someone else’s,” said the artist.

KB’s first song “Let’s Save The Bays,” set the tone for mixing music with message and each one since has combined the sound of rake ‘n’ scrape and a catchy theme.

The music video contrasts large anchor projects including the empty and unfinished giant Baha Mar with smaller, huggable treasures like Graycliff and Compass Point. In the song he calls for more gems like those. “More boutique hotels eco-friendly safe, we done drop enough anchor projects round da place.”

“Once again, KB has nailed it, putting the urgent need to protect community and the environment in a musical context that is so Bahamian and reaches everyone,” said Save The Bays Chairman Joseph Darville. “If you haven’t heard it yet, please go to our Facebook page, sign the Planning and Subdivision Act petition while you are there and if you have heard it and want to hear it more, call your favorite radio station. They do listen when people request songs.”

The concept of anchor projects was first introduced nearly 20 years ago as a way to create development on populated Family Islands with the government of the day believing that large resorts would attract visitors and provide jobs for Bahamians. That economic model has been controversial from the start, generating fears that mega-resorts and large projects would not only put too much pressure on fragile marine and land environments, but would also forever change the culture that existed on the island prior to construction. Small and stylish, laidback or luxurious were all better for the islands, opponents of anchor projects said.

Now K.B.’s music with the anchor project hook is an eerily rhythmic reminder of the early warnings.

“These anchor projects hurtin’ we all, the damage big, and returns are small,” he sings in the chorus. And elsewhere, “Remember anchors don’t lift you up, anchors hold you down.”

“We are very fortunate that an artist like KB chooses to use his music to reach out and to deliver a message reminding us not to sacrifice what we cherish because we believe it will earn a dollar, and most of the time it is not even a dollar that at the end of the day will stay in The Bahamas,” said Save The Bays Chairman Joseph Darville. “That is not meant to be an anti-foreign sentiment because Save The Bays welcomes local and foreign investors, but we just want development to be eco-friendly to preserve the very thing that draws people to this beautiful Bahamaland in the first place.”

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