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Five tips to succeed at your new job or position

Congratulations, you got the job or new position. You are fresh and full of zeal. If your goal is to make an impact, if you are just brimming over with new ways to make things bigger, faster, leaner and stronger, consider the pointers below to create a more receptive audience first.


Heighten your self-awareness

Self-awareness is being conscious of what makes you tick and other people’s perceptions of you.

When you are new to a job, people are deciphering who they think you are. If you are promoted within the same job, often times you are under the scrutiny of your colleagues or maybe your new staff who were once your peers. It is time to be cognizant of how you may be perceived and be intentional as to how you choose people to see you. For instance, if in the past your confidence was misinterpreted as arrogance. You may want to take the time to pay more attention to others and look for opportunities to highlight others. Find ways to derail misconceptions by being intentional about communicating the brand you desire to express.


Understand the culture. Every organization has their own culture and it will serve you to understand the one in which you are immersed. There may be unspoken norms in your new environment or at the new level to which you have been elevated. Be observant, and notice how things are handled. Is there a very structured hierarchy? How interactive are seniors with staff? Is the culture casual or formal? For example, if you skip your supervisor and their manager to request something from the director, you may destroy whatever rapport you had with your supervisor, especially if that contradicts the cultural norm for that organization.


Know the players.

It is so important to understand the players in your organization. Who are the influencers? This is not necessarily determined by position. Be knowledgeable as to who is territorial and who is open. Offering to help a someone who is defensive may breed resentment despite your good intentions. Know the personalities and be careful to determine the communication styles of those with whom you interact. For instance, some people like brief summaries while others like details. Understanding the players’ preferences will assist you in building good working relationships and help you to avoid inadvertently stepping on people’s toes.


Appreciate the environment.

Your company’s environment may be determined by external factors, like what is happening in the industry. If your company is experiencing change due to where its industry is moving, having an understanding of this will help you to communicate in context. The environment may dictate certain practices and it will serve you well to have a high level understanding, so you can identify the role you play in the big picture.

Timing is everything. The pointers above will help you understand when is the best time to offer your suggestions, as well as to whom and how. Your timing and approach will establish how well you are received. So, know thyself and seek to understand. Here is to your massive success.


• Kim Welcome is the founder and president of Influential Voice. She works with progressive companies and individuals who are concerned their unrefined communication skills may be hindering their growth and advancement. She helps them to increase their power to influence so they can amplify their impact.

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