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Erinn Spencer and Madison Cartwright win Custom Computers ‘A’s for Excellence program

Erinn Avery Spencer and Madison Elizabeth Cartwright were the winners in this year’s Custom Computers A’s for Excellence program.

Queen’s College graduate Erinn won a Microsoft Surface Pro two-in-one laptop/tablet along with a stylus and keyboard in the senior division.

During the drawing on Saturday, Erinn was on her way to the airport to travel to Canada, to enroll in Trent University where she will study biochemistry. She stopped at the Custom Computers Know-How Store at Old Fort Bay Town Centre to pick up her prizes before she boarded the plane.

Erinn said she had not planned to enter A’s for Excellence program, but did so after being encouraged to do so by a family friend.

Madison, who is entering third grade with the start of the new academic year at Mangrove Bush Primary, Long Island, took home an HP bundle including a laptop, printer and accessories. She earned seven A grades and a 3.68 GPA (grade point average) on her final report card.

Mangrove Bush Primary School also took home the award for the Family Island School with the most A’s entered — a category established as part of A’s for Excellence in 2014. The school entered 133 A grades and was awarded with an HP multifunction machine, toner and paper. Every student at the school is also expected to receive a goodie bag.

Still recovering from the devastation brought by Hurricane Joaquin, during which the school lost approximately 90 percent of its furniture, teaching supplies and technical equipment, Principal Carla Rodgers made it her personal challenge to submit her students’ report cards.

“Each year, we encourage our students and parents to enter this campaign. I knew that most of my parents are still in recovery mode, which is why I took the initiative to personally enter my students,” said Rodgers.

In a surprise twist to this year’s campaign, Custom Computers decided to also reward the New Providence-based school with the most A grades entered. The winner was Temple Christian Primary, which submitted 439 A grades. The school also received an HP multifunction machine.

“Temple Christian has always been at the top of the list in terms of entries, so we felt it was time to reward the school’s teachers and administrators for their continued support and success of their students,” said Custom Computers Director Pia Farmer. “We would like to thank everyone for their participation, especially the teachers and parents without whom none of this would be possible, and who are the reasons for the children’s success.”

This year’s A’s for Excellence program received more than 600 entries, representing 4,847 A grades from around the country.

“We are always amazed by the response to our campaign,” said Farmer. “This year, we made an even greater effort to let students know about this opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work. Our team visited 47 randomly selected schools in New Providence, and eight in Eleuthera, and next year we hope to reach out to even more.”

Farmer encouraged students to visit for regular updates and to be part of the 10th annual campaign next year. Every summer, Custom Computers rewards excellence in education by inviting primary and high school students from across the country who earned at least one A grade in their final report card to enter for a chance to win a prize. Students are entered once for each A they received up to a maximum of 10 times.

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