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What do you expect?

There are a set of universal laws which one needs to apply to every aspect of one’s life if a fulfilled, happy and successful life is to be attained. One of these laws is the law of attraction that simply states that we attract toward us people, circumstances and events in accordance with our thinking — oh how true that is. So what you habitually think about will indeed eventually come to pass in your life. Dr. Denis Waitley, author of many bestselling books including “The Psychology of Winning”, “The Winner’s Edge” and “Being Your Best” to name a few, puts it like this, “You do not get what you idly hope for in life, you get what you expect.” Yes indeed you do.

So having fully explained exactly where I’m coming from today and thus set the scene so to speak, let’s get to the extremely important question posed by today’s title, what do you expect? Well my friend, what exactly do you expect to materialize in your life and affairs? Believe me, whatever that is, over the course of time it will indeed materialize.

The sad thing to have observed over the years, and indeed what I still observe with far too many people, is that due to their utter negativity, they do not expect anything good to happen to them, and as a direct result of their very negative, defeatist thinking, they never ever will achieve anything worthwhile in life — that is until they change their thinking and thus start to finally expect great things to happen in their life, across the board.

So my friend, if you’ve been negatively programmed in your youth which has led to you being totally negative in outlook, well then, today’s the day to get some professional assistance from a qualified counselor or life coach so that you can finally start to think in a much more positive manner. Once you’ve become a positive thinker you’ll expect great things to happen to you and thus will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


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