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An amazing and impressive government

Dear Editor,


I would fervently defend our present government against anyone who claims not to be amazed or impressed by it on a daily basis, because this is one thing that this government has not been short on since coming into power in May 2012. Unfortunately, they have amazed and impressed many with utter incompetence, ineptitude and utter nonsense. No one knew that it could ever be possible for anyone to get this bad, but they have amazed and impressed us by showing us that it is.

There was an article titled “Roberts: Minnis is a big joke” in The Nassau Guardian. An excerpt from this article reads: “Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is ‘one big joke and cannot be taken seriously’, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts said yesterday.”

He was referring to Minnis’ demand for full disclosure on the reported sale of Baha Mar’s assets after Prime Minister Perry Christie admitted that Cabinet did not know the identities of the principals of Perfect Luck Holding Ltd., the new Baha Mar owner.”

It was my understanding that “the deal” was sealed [by the courts] until “the deal” was finalized. The prime minister’s announcement in Cabinet suggested that it had been. As noted in The Guardian: “The Office of the Prime Minister said in a press release last week that the sale of the assets to Perfect Luck ‘followed a lengthy marketing process and the resulting sale of the assets to Perfect Luck were overseen and approved by the Supreme Court’.” So why do I now have Bradley Roberts saying “Dr. Minnis and Mr. Peter Turnquest are … fully aware that the Supreme Court sealed the Baha Mar liquidation conclusion and will in due course unseal the same”?

What this seems to mean is ‘not until the government feels that it is time’.

I reflect on what the prime minister said in The Nassau Guardian’s article “PM: Sealing of deals is quite normal – Perry Christie says it’s unrealistic to negotiate Baha Mar deal in media”. An excerpt from this article read: “Prime Minister Perry Christie said yesterday the Export-Import Bank of China (CEXIM) made the application to the Supreme Court to seal the deal it signed with the government to get Baha Mar completed and opened, to allow the bank to finalize ‘sensitive negotiations’ for a new buyer.”

Hasn’t a “deal” already been finalized to have Baha Mar completed and opened? Hasn’t the bank already finalized “sensitive negotiations” for and with a new buyer? The question now is exactly who is this “new buyer”?

But since Roberts opened this issue with a joke, I will end it with a joke: “Roberts said that the Free National Movement (FNM) is a stranger to transparency …” This from a man who chairs a party that has cut a “secret deal” with a “secret entity” and now refuses to inform the people, on whose behalf it acts, of the details of said deal; it does so while it appears to either not know who it “cut the deal” with, or just wants to keep the identity hidden from the people of The Bahamas. The same party then goes on to reference “transparency” and refer to others as “jokes”. Really?

The Progressive Liberal Party fails for one reason: its nature.


– Adrian Ramsey


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