Tuesday, Jul 7, 2020
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Sears must not give up

Dear Editor,


The PLP has decided it is not having a convention in November anymore. The party says that it made this decision because of the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. I think the real reason they are not having a convention is because the PLP leader, Prime Minister Perry Christie, does not want to be challenged by anyone for his job.

The last PLP convention was in 2009. Fort Charlotte candidate Alfred Sears had announced he was going to take on the PM this November. Sears was not going to win.

He doesn’t have a seat in the House of Assembly right now.

His challenge was more of a symbolic challenge to show the party that it needs to start looking beyond Christie. The prime minister is in 70s and has been in the Parliament for getting close to 45 years.

Christie clearly does not want anyone to come close to his throne, so to stay the unquestioned leader of the PLP, they postponed the convention.

This looks bad for the PLP. It also looks bad for the prime minister. In the final stretch of his political career, he is running from fights. Didn’t he boast in the House of Assembly once that he was a gladiator? Gladiators are not afraid of challengers.

Sears has a message. Sears has a brain. Sears has courage. He must not give up. He represents the wing of the PLP that wants change. There are people in the party who are tired of visionless, unfocused leadership.

The way forward will be hard for Sears. Those PLPs who get their lifestyles from Christie will try their best to stop him. That crew wants Christie to remain leader for life.

As long as life is good for them, they will keep him in power, even if he is 90 years old and confined to a bed. But those of us who believe in country first want leaders who lead for the many, not just the few. Stay strong, Alfred. Many of us out here admire your tenacity and courage.


– Martha S. Greene


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