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Zanaboni never properly served by House committee

Despite multiple attempts to have Stellar Waste to Energy CEO Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni appear before the House of Assembly’s Committee on Privilege for a public hearing, Committee Chairman Arnold Forbes admitted Zanaboni was never “properly” served.

The committee’s interest in Zanaboni stemmed from a claim he made in November 2015 that he provided “small donations” to MPs.

According to House Chief Clerk Maurice Tynes, Zanaboni was a no-show for the September 29 hearing.

Asked whether the committee was caught off guard, Forbes said, “No. I would not say that.

“We follow a process whereby we have to serve witnesses properly.

“We were not able to serve him and therefore we were unable to proceed.

“The committee sets an agenda, and we follow the agenda.

“If we cannot follow that agenda, we can’t jump from matter to matter or person to person.

“It has to be done in that way.”

Stellar’s Chief Operating Officer J.P. Michielsen said recently that it made no sense for the committee to announce it was waiting on the Stellar CEO.

“… No one has come to us,” Michielsen said.

“We have not received a phone call from Mr. Tynes or anyone else for that matter.”

He said Zanaboni has been out of the country since January and has no plans to return.

The first public committee hearing was set to take place on September 21.

It was postponed a week to do more “groundwork”, Tynes said.

Forbes asserted that the committee will proceed with the matter “one way or the other”.

“We take all matters that are before this committee seriously,” he said.

“We will endeavor to do our work with reference to it, one way or the other.”

He added, “I am sure the committee will come to some resolution with reference to that matter, so we can move these matters as expeditiously as we possibly can.

Tynes has said if necessary the committee would “forcibly” bring those in question before it.

In November 2015, Zanaboni said MPs from both the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and Free National Movement (FNM) requested small contributions from his company for events in their constituencies, such as basketball tournaments.

He has insisted that these contributions, which ranged from $200 to $300 for community-based events, were never requested in exchange for favorable consideration for his company.

In a letter to House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major in December 2015, Zanaboni denied that he ever offered bribes to any MP and explained that he only supported small events like cookouts.

He apologized for his comments, which he said were taken out of context.


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