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Five things the team you manage should know about you

If you lead a team in the workplace, and are striving to get maximum performance from your people, here are five things your staff must know about you.

You are trust worthy. When your team members believe you are fair and they can trust you, they will be willing to give you more. Employees will often hold back from managers they feel cater to favorites, maintain double standards, lack transparency or sincerity. People don’t really like those they cannot trust and if they don’t like you they may not give you their all.

You are with them. When you get in the trenches with your team, you are leading by example. Employees gain significant respect and appreciation for their seniors who recognize overwhelm and lend a hand to alleviate work overload. When the manager goes above and beyond to assist the team, the staff will be more inclined to give above and beyond.

You have their interest at heart. It is easy for people to give their best to someone they feel truly has their best interest at heart. Managers can choose to treat their people simply as cogs in a wheel to get the job done or they can see them as people with their own aspirations, dreams and personal goals. A manager should recognize they cannot succeed without the cooperation of their people. To get the job done, remember people first.

You are their buffer. There are managers who are quick to throw their direct reports under the bus for errors or mishaps. However, the manager should be the shield between their staff and senior management. Senior management will even have more respect for the manager who takes full responsibility for the team they lead. When your team knows, you have their back, they will have yours.

You are willing to develop them. Managers who suffer from insecurity withhold information to ensure their direct reports are dependent on them. However, the best managers look for ways to cultivate those they lead. As a matter of fact, the true indication of an excellent manager is when the team can run without them. Don’t try to manage people, lead, coach and mentor them. Manage the tasks.

There is a stark difference between those in management who see themselves as the boss and those who see themselves as leaders who mentor and coach their people to high performance. The latter is a mindset that will shape the way a manager communicates with those they lead. Managers can choose to bark orders, threaten job security and use their authority to get the job done. Many do and the job gets done. However, their team members are often resentful, exacting and work to rule. Performance and productivity suffer as a result. These managers will never be able to get the above and beyond that enhances the bottom line.


• Kim Welcome is the CEO of Influential Voice, a communication trainer and coach; she assists businesses and professionals to achieve their goals by helping them to develop deliberate, skillful, polished communication skills. Contact: or call 242-225-9013.


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