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DNA: No plans for FNM talks

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney yesterday said the party has “no plans” to enter talks with the beleaguered Free National Movement (FNM), and has no time to be distracted by the Official Opposition’s current state of “complete disarray”.

He said, rather, the DNA is focused on helping the country as it faces major issues caused by the Christie administration.

“We cannot allow the distraction of the FNM and their problems to cause the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to get away with what they’re doing,” McCartney told The Nassau Guardian.

“We need to be focused.

“We in the DNA, we are focused.

“We are determined and deliberate in our movements in preparing for this election.”

On Wednesday, seven FNM MPs wrote a letter to the governor general advising that they withdrew their confidence in FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis and that they wanted Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner to be the new leader of the Official Opposition.

The MPs who signed the letter were Butler-Turner; Central Grand Bahama MP Neko Grant; St. Anne’s MP Hubert Chipman; Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn; North Eleuthera MP Theo Neilly; Central and South Abaco MP Edison Key and Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins.

McCartney said he has no interest in returning to the FNM as it stands.

He said the FNM needs to be fixed before it can be considered “a viable party”.

He expressed a need for change. A change he said cannot happen under the FNM or PLP.

“You cannot expect the people who got us into this mess to take us out of it,” he said.

“You think giving them another five years because they say will do better next time [will work]?

“The FNM and the PLP got us in this mess, don’t expect them to take us out of it.”

Though he said he was “surprised” by the MPs’ move to unseat Minnis as leader of the Official Opposition, McCartney said he, his party and the country have “bigger fish to fry”.

“The FNM has been through turmoil, there is no doubt about that,” he said.

“Now whether or not they are able to get themselves together before the next election is yet to be seen.

“We cannot predict that.

“I know what we can predict though is that we must get this PLP government out of office.

“In light of where we are as a country, of course, this situation with the FNM has taken headlines, but the reality is we still have a country that is in disarray.

“We have a country that is in more disarray than the FNM.

“We have persons losing their jobs, crime is completely out of control, our economy is suffering, business persons can’t properly do business, our electricity problems continue and we have a government that is not completely [transparent] with the Bahamian people.

“These are things we need to focus on.

“We have an election within the next six months and we need to determine as a people and as a country what do we want.”

McCartney said, “The FNM is going to have to deal with their concerns.

“They are going to have to work out whatever they have to work out.

“But the fact remains that the country is a mess.”

McCartney stood by comments made by DNA Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer who believes the seven MPs have “done nothing wrong”.

“They exercised a constitutional right,” McCartney said.

“That is their business.

“That is something that they have to resolve or move on.

“It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

“But I still maintain that our concern, especially in the DNA, is where our country is.”


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