Saturday, Jan 25, 2020
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Cleaning up our communities

Dear Editor,

Nassau is a dirty little town. Would you agree? The roads are dirty, the buildings are dirty and the empty lots are dirty. What the hell is going on? For a town that plays host to millions of tourists each year we have not acquired tunnel vision in causing our tourists to walk away with the impression that we take pride in our surroundings.

The only public place on this little island that deserves kudos for maintaining a pristine environment is out west near the hotels. Some of the new diverted roadway out Cable Beach has lush landscaping, clean roads and sidewalks and beautiful buildings that almost could be construed to be from heaven.

I am not a well-travelled man. And so I cannot compare what is out west with what is considered to be well-maintained surroundings in more developed countries, or few other countries for that matter. However, I know dirt when I see it. And the rest of this little island is replete with it. There is garbage and dirt all around us. You can’t miss it. But we, as Bahamians and residents alike, have become so accustomed to these filthy environs that our sights have become immune to recognizing it. I was that way once. But recently the scales have been lifted from my eyes and these scenes have penetrated my eyeballs and have caused them to see reality – mess, filth, dirt. It makes me wonder how the tour operators on this island explain away the condition of the country most Bahamians call home.

Do you think that we could do better? I believe that we can. Instead of just concentrating on the redevelopment of Bay Street and downtown, the government of The Bahamas should expand its vision for heaven to be brought down on Earth throughout this entire island. This is a tourist destination. Let us act like we want visitors here, and for them to be impressed with what we have here. I am certainly not impressed, and I live here. It would cost too much money, you say? I think that with a little bit of ingenuity, creativity and elbow grease (work) the costs could be kept to a minimum.

What do you say? Can you and the rest of the Bahamian people join me in attempting to convince the government to redevelop New Providence?


– Marvin G. Lightbourn

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