Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020
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Concern with BTC’s service

Dear Editor,

I would like to tell you of my ongoing experience with BTC. I moved to a new residence and in early October formally requested that BTC port my number from my old home to my new residence and take the number from the new residence to my former home. Since this is a service that is offered by BTC I hoped that it would be a relatively simple matter.

They were very efficient at disconnecting both numbers within days, a prelude as they explained to me to porting the numbers. A month later in early November I called to inquire as to when I could expect my phones to be working and was told it had not yet been given to a work crew. In early December it was finally given a ticket number and I was also told that it would be “escalated” since the matter had been outstanding for so long. Sounds impressive except here I am in the third week in December and still no phones.

I have to query the competence and the sanity of a phone company that devises and institutes a policy to disconnect your phones without a follow-through policy to reconnect the phones. To say I have had poor service would be inaccurate, as that would imply some level of service when there has been none. Despite numerous phone calls, most of which ring busy or are unanswered, I have no idea as to when my lines will be reconnected, as no one in BTC has been able to supply that information.

Why is BTC not mandated to perform any service within a given time frame? Why does URCA not set criteria so that the public can know in advance how long a service will take instead of the current system wherein we are supplicants at the mercy of a monopoly when it comes to landlines?


– A disgusted BTC customer

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