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Mission accomplished

Conquerors for Christ did not manage to pull out a win in the “B” category at the Boxing Day Junkanoo parade, but group leader Pastor Henry Higgins said while they didn’t win, they were able to accomplish their mission which was to showcase the great kings and queens in the bible, through their theme great biblical monarchs, and pass out tracts which he said are important in their mission to spreading the gospel during the greatest Bahamian cultural expression.

The Christian-based Junkanoo group left Bay Street with a number of high finishes they could be proud of according to Higgins — first in the off-the-shoulder category, second in lead costume, second in banner, second in step down dancer, third in choreography, and second overall in group performance.

“We didn’t win, but we did accomplish our mission which was to showcase the great monarchs in the Bible, and we gave out our tracts which were important,” said Higgins.

The Creative Arts International Ministries pastor said their group has lots of fans, and the people have come to anticipate the group spreading the gospel through the handing out of the material.

Henry Higgins, group leader and Creative Christian Arts Ministries International pastor said the idea behind their theme was to get the young people carrying their costumes to hopefully see themselves in a different light and think of themselves as royalty — acting and carrying themselves to a higher standard.

The ministry is for people who want to expose God’s glory through their creative gifts.

In the decade-plus that Conquerers for Christ has rushed on Bay Street, the Creative Christian Arts Ministries International pastor said he’s proud to take his Christian group to the city center, even though he has heard from many a naysayer over the years.

There are those people who don’t believe the art form of Junkanoo and religion mesh, as they consider Junkanoo to be too secular. But Higgins said he has found a way to combine church activities and Junkanoo that allows him to reach out into the community.

“Each of us had been called through an area. I have been called through the arts, and Junkanoo is a part of the arts. And since I’ve been called through the arts, I believe I’m supposed to spread the message of Christ through the arts,” he said.

Creative Christian Arts Ministries International is involved in many artistic ventures, including a liturgical dance ministry, drama and arts and craft. But Higgins’ proudest accomplishment is his Junkanoo ministry.

Every year since its inception, Conquerors for Christ has taken to Bay Street with a Christian theme. One year it was “Everything that has breath praise the Lord”. Another time it was “Let us worship the Lord all ye nation”. Another year it was “Ministry of Angels”, and another year, “A tribute to churches”.

“Junkanoo is a major part of our culture and young people gather around to hear it, see it and participate in it. I felt that it was a blessed idea to take that very thing they love so much and mold it into something much greater. Our Junkanoo group, Conquerors for Christ, is much more than just expressing our culture and having fun, it is also about teaching the kids about their own talents and how best to utilize them. This is an all-around program that teaches the kids about God, his love, and improves their education and is just a whole lot of fun for them.”

Higgins encourages all young people to put God first in their lives no matter what they are doing, and to get the best education they can. His advice to them is that it’s not important where you start on your journey, but where you finish and how you strive to get there that matters.

“Believe in God’s ability to make all things possible. No matter what your situation is as a young person you can make a positive contribution to the community. Just believe in him and believe in you,” said the leader of the Conquerors for Christ Junkanoo group.



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