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Serial groper sentenced

A serial groper, who has been diagnosed with frotteurism, received an 18-month consecutive sentence yesterday for fondling a policewoman while court was in session.

Frotteurism is described as the practice of achieving sexual stimulation or orgasm by touching and rubbing against a person without the person’s consent and usually in a public place.

Sidney Cooper, 40, was in the prisoner’s dock in Magistrate’s Court No. 5 on March 29 for his trial for inappropriately touching a young girl at a water pump when he grabbed the woman officer’s private parts.

The officer had her back to Cooper as she tried to un-cuff a woman suspect, but the manacles had malfunctioned.

The woman said as she tried to get the attention of another officer, she was accidentally locked inside the prisoner’s dock with Cooper and two other male inmates when she was groped from behind.

The officer screamed out, prompting Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis to ask her what had happened.

She replied, “This (expletive) just touched me.”

Derence Rolle-Davis in May jailed Cooper for three years for the indecent assault on the young girl.

His 18-month sentence for the assault of the officer will begin once that sentence expires in 2018.

While in custody for both offenses, Cooper allegedly ripped off the same officer’s skirt and touched her again.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney also ordered that Cooper receive treatment for his condition.

McKinney told Cooper that doctors at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre had determined that he had a “hyperactive sexual urge” that needed treatment.


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