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Man’s body found wrapped in blanket

The body of a man believed to have been beaten was found around 1 p.m yesterday on a service road, off Graham Drive, Yellow Elder Gardens, police reported.

Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander said a pedestrian walking in the area came across the body and alerted the police.

He said the body, which appears to have been at the location for a few hours, was wrapped in a blanket.

The man appeared to have been in his mid 20s, according to police.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

Fernander said police had no motive for the crime and appealed to the public for information.

“We believe that the incident did not happen here; the body was dumped here,” he said.

“So anybody with any information, anything that they may have seen in other areas that they believe may be connected, please reach out to police to give us any information that could assist in advancing the investigation.”

When asked whether there is concern over the rise in murders in the Yellow Elder community, Fernander said, “One murder is too [many]. We are analyzing all of the matters that occurred recently in this area to see if there are any connections with them.

“We have some teams in place here who are doing some covert operations in this area and trying to reach out to persons living in the area to see if they can assist with whatever information.

“We can’t rule out at this time that the recent murders are connected.

“That is a line of inquiry that we continue to follow and we continue to analyze to see if we have a nexus with those matters.”

Police also reported last night that a man was shot to death in Jubilee Gardens off Cowpen Road.

Details were limited. This was the third murder in the past week.

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