Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
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Party in Pinewood

Pinewood Gardens Park was filled with holiday cheer last weekend, as Member of Parliament Khaalis E. Rolle hosted a Christmas Eve party for his constituents. Nearly 200 children attended along with parents, grandparents and other community members who came together for a fun-filled affair.

The afternoon started with a prayer, followed by Christmas carols. DJ Funtime then kicked off the party with popular music, including kids Christmas carols, hits from the latest kid movie soundtracks, and the most popular hits all remixed in a kid-friendly format.

Children played on the swings and in the bouncing castles. On the basketball court, it was girls against boys with dancing competitions all afternoon and into the night, and the winners received prizes. They also enjoyed face painting and played with balloon swords, while awaiting their Christmas gifts from their member of Parliament.

Emoji Smiley and Snow Bear made appearances, much to the delight of the toddlers. Smiley led the boys team and Snow Bear led the girls as they entertained with popular hip hop dances including the “Whip and Nae Nae”, “Dougie” and even the “Wobble” for the parents.

Christmas dinner included ham smothered in herbs and pineapples, fried chicken, peas and rice, cheesy macaroni and side orders. Santa’s Pinewood helpers served meals while keeping hot dogs and hamburgers coming hot off of the grill all night. Adults enjoyed fruit punch or wine, while children had a variety of sodas and juices to choose from.

Snow fell on the park as DJ Funtime cranked up the snow machine and hosted a “Candy Rain” with chocolates and candies.

A truck replaced Santa’s sleigh. It pulled up on the park loaded roof-high with gifts for the kids, including basketballs, doll babies, board games, trucks and more.

Rolle greeted residents and even served food as he enjoyed their company with his own family. Inspector Sonartis of Pinewood Urban Renewal also greeted residents, and thanked Rolle for his efforts in assisting Urban Renewal with the delivery of 700 food care packs on Thanksgiving.

Residents enjoyed the festivities as the park was transformed into a family affair. The event was a great way to celebrate the holidays with a community spirit.


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