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Roberts: PLPs will march downtown

Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts said yesterday the PLP’s march to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Majority Rule will now be held on January 10 instead of January 9 as previously stated.

Roberts acknowledged that the second ‘We March Bahamas’ march will be held on the same date.

On Wednesday, We March Bahamas organizer John Bostwick said the group is still extending an invitation to the PLP to “take off their yellow shirts and put on black shirts” and march with them, but Roberts questioned why the group was sending messages through the media.

“Yes, the march is still on,” Roberts told The Nassau Guardian.

“It is now on January 10.

“It is the same day as the other march.”

When asked if the party would consider marching with the group, Roberts said, “They asked us?

“Nobody has said anything to me. And you don’t send me any message through the newspaper.

“They should have contacted me. You don’t do that. Besides, we have our march.

“They have another agenda.”

Earlier this month, Roberts said marchers will be dressed in PLP colors and the march will likely take place Over the Hill.

Yesterday, he said it will take place in downtown Nassau.

Roberts said a committee was scheduled to meet last evening to discuss the march and a press conference will be held on December 31 or January 2 to reveal details.

On Wednesday, We March Bahamas organizers received a letter from the Cabinet Office which denied their request to occupy Rawson and Parliament squares because the march “conflicts with another event”.

Despite this, organizers say they will still lead the march in downtown Nassau.

Bostwick said participants will march around the area if they have to.

Henfield thinks the decision to deny the group accesss to the squares was made after Roberts announced the PLP’s plan to march for the Majority Rule holiday.

He said regardless of the letter, “we march and we occupy whatever they decide to do in the squares”.

“While the chairman of the PLP announced that he will organize a march to rival the people’s march, the Cabinet moved the holiday and now the Cabinet Office denies us use of Rawson and/or Parliament Square; the people will not be silenced any longer,” Henfield said.

“We no longer fear our employees.

“The police won’t be turned against their own people that are standing up for all Bahamians.

“God fearing members of Parliament will not sit idly by as government denies the people the opportunity to voice their concerns and mandates.

“The people have a constitutional right to assemble and a constitutional right to free speech. We intend to exercise our constitutional rights with God as our guide on January 10.

“We are no longer afraid to stand up for our rights! We are ready to contribute to something big in Bahamian history. We are ready to fix The Bahamas.”


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