Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020
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Cleaning up the system

Dear Prime Minister,


I have written to you many times before and some of the subjects of those letters, and the contents of those letters, might have been considered questionable.

But, there is no time for playing games today.

Prime minister, I spoke to a gentleman in my neighborhood (an American) who has lived here for a considerable amount of time, and I asked him his opinion on how we, in The Bahamas, confront corruption.

He shared with me that he would wish that you would call for a commission of inquiry to delve into and investigate all forms of suspected embezzlement, bribery, kickbacks and influence peddling that have seemingly formed an integral part of the state of affairs in this country for decades.

You might think that he was referring to those persons who engage in these sorts of acts who are only in high positions of government.

However, he was referring to all, all forms of financial malfeasance being practiced by all and sundry within the government; from the janitor mopping the floor, up to and including those in high places.

Prime minister, I, and my neighbor, and (I suspect) a certain constituency of the Bahamian people, would find it prudent of you that you take our request to form this commission of inquiry into serious consideration during your next term in office (if you should prove to be victorious in 2017).

And so, we all are calling upon you within 100 days of your new administration, to swiftly initiate machinations, the result of which would cause a commission of inquiry to be formed to investigate the entire government of The Bahamas, with a view to identifying and prosecuting every single person in The Bahamas and outside of The Bahamas who is guilty of nefarious transactions. And let the chips fall where they may.


– Marvin G. Lightbourn


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