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Gatekeepers 10-point plan for The Bahamas

Dear Editor,

Proverbs 14: 34, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”


Point 1

Unequivocal commitment and support for God, the Bible and the constitution of The Bahamas; putting God and country above party and personal interests.


Point 2

Promote discipline, respect and patriotism among children, students and young adults by making it mandatory for them to be involved in a paramilitary organization such as Scouts, Guides, Pathfinders, Police Force Cadets, or any other government-recognized church or civic group for a minimum of three years.


Point 3

Implement a comprehensive land policy, whereby every Bahamian family receives a portion of Crown land or generation property, which cannot be sold, but passed on to their children and grandchildren. This is in keeping with the biblical principle given to ancient Israel, that the people (every family) inherit a portion of the land (Joshua 14: 1 -6, 19:49-51, Numbers 27:1-8). This will immediately increase the middle class, and correspondingly decrease the welfare population.


Point 4

Foster law and discipline in society by the resumption of corporal and capital punishments (Genesis 9:6; Proverbs 23:13-14), including passing a law that the courts of The Bahamas become the final court of appeal in capital cases, similar to what exists in election court cases.


Point 5

Re-examine The Bahamas’ diplomatic relationship with the Chinese government.


Point 6

Deepen our democracy by extending local government to every consistency in The Bahamas, allocating at least a million dollars annually to be spent in every constituency (including the Family Islands), under the supervision of the member of Parliament in conjunction with the local government councils.


Point 7

Implement a recall system, giving constituents the right to petition the Election Court to recall members of Parliament who are in legally defined “breach of contract” with their constituents.


Point 8

Intensify the acceleration of our agricultural industry, in conjunction with BAMSI, with a proliferation of green houses and backyard farming in New Providence, and government subsidized fruit and vegetable growing in the Family Islands, thus incentivizing and encouraging a population shift from New Providence into the Family Islands thereby reducing unemployment and possibly assisting in lowering the escalating crime rate, while boosting entrepreneurship.


Point 9

Implement a “National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving” for The Bahamas, to be celebrated annually on one of the existing holidays (possibly January 10, Majority Rule Day).


Point 10

To fully solarize The Bahamas within the next 10 years, thus creating a brand new industry with lower electricity costs and good-paying jobs that are environmentally friendly.


– Pastor Jeremiah Duncombe, leader, The Gatekeepers

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