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Bain among nine new candidates named by DNA

After being denied the Free National Movement’s (FNM) nomination for Pinewood, talk show host Lincoln Bain, who protested outside the FNM’s headquarters along with his supporters in November, was last night named among nine candidates rolled out by the Democratic National Alliance (DNA).

The announcement that DNA Leader Branville McCartney will run in Bamboo Town — a seat he formerly held as an FNM — and DNA Deputy Leader Christopher Mortimer will run in Sea Breeze, was not surprising.

The DNA also announced that Arinthia Komolafe, a Nassau Guardian columnist, will run in Killarney. Komolafe is an experienced professional with a successful career in law, banking, policy making and corporate administration.

Komolafe said last night, “Our nation is in crisis, and it is time to change course. It is time to uproot the status quo. It is time for the changing of the guard. It is time for real change in our Bahamaland.

“It is for these reasons that I accept the nomination of the Democratic National Alliance as the candidate for the great constituency of Killarney in the upcoming general election. I have decided to leave the sidelines and enter the political arena to serve you, my Bahamian people.

“I have heeded this clarion call for love of country. Together we must rebuild the proverbial walls of our nation. The DNA seeks your assistance, not just to win votes, but to restore hope once again in the Bahamian dream.”

Ruth Flowers, a manager of the Passport Office on Abaco, was named as the candidate for Central and South Abaco.

“To make my case short, the people have suffered long enough,” Flowers said.

“Every Bahamian now has the opportunity to shape the course of a Bahamas that provides us all a promise of a better tomorrow, and I believe Bahamians from all walks of life are ready to return the power to the people. We shall restore honor to our ancestors who fought so valiantly to give us the rights we have today.”

She added, “The DNA offers a new accountability and transparent kind of leadership that every Bahamian can smile about. South and Central Abaco, I invite you to join hands with me as we rise to the call of history and usher in a brighter tomorrow for all Bahamians under the umbrella of the DNA.”

Last night, the party also named Cyril Miller, a licensed contractor, who was born and raised in Mangrove Cay, as its candidate for South Andros.

In his acceptance speech, Miller said, “We have to break the backbone of corruption now and start voting for the future of our children and the generation to come. It won’t be easy but it’s not impossible.”

The DNA also ratified Charlis Robins for Yamacraw. Robins has a degree in occupational therapy and served as deputy director of rehabilitative services. Derek Smith, a businessman, educator, coach and former assistant manager at Comfort Suites, is the DNA’s candidate for South Eleuthera.

And attorney Wallace Rolle was ratified for Nassau Village.


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