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Water and Sewerage Corporation introduces paperless billing

Recent years have seen major technological advancements in the way that organizations interact with their customers. This is no less true of the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), which has undergone a multitude of changes to improve its relationship with customers across the archipelago.

In addition to major advancements in water production and quality, the corporation has also integrated the use of technology and social media into the way that customers can engage the company. Months after successfully launching its WSC mobile app for both Apple and Android devices, the corporation is now going paperless with its email bill notification system that notifies customers when a bill is rendered, allowing customers to view and pay their bills from the comfort of their own homes via their personal computers, phones, and iPads.

“Good customer service is a part of our brand. It’s what we’ve become known for, so we continue to find ways to offer customers more convenient ways of doing business with us,” said WSC Public Affairs Manager Visna Armbrister.

The introduction of the new paperless billing system is not only a nod to the corporation’s commitment to servicing the modern Bahamian consumer, but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship by reducing our own carbon footprint.

“Water conservation is also a part of our brand, which we continue to promote, so it simply makes sense for us to try to conserve in other ways too. Going paperless is another avenue we choose to do this, while improving on our efficiency and reducing costs. So it’s a win-win situation for the corporation and our customers,” Armbrister added.

To assist customers with this new feature, WSC has created new TV and radio ads to showcase the simplicity of the service. The ads feature WSC customer ShirleyMae Johnson and her TV grand-daughter, played by the charismatic Avani Sawyer, who explain the new system.

“We’ve had great success with our talented customers explaining how our water improvements work,” noted Judith Wilchcombe of the Barefoot Marketing Agency and a WSC Inter-American Development Bank representative. “ShirleyMae is such a great character we asked her to help us again and we roped in newcomer Avani, who really stole the show during filming.”

To access the paperless billing feature, customers need only visit the corporation’s website at to sign up for e-notifications to have their monthly bills delivered directly to their respective inboxes and receive $10 off their first e-bill. Those who are still new to the e-billing and online payments can view YouTube or Facebook videos to learn more.


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