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There’s always a way

There’s always a way.

A word which should be completely alien to any would-be achiever is the word “can’t”, which of course is an abbreviation of two words “can not.” The word can’t should not be in the vocabulary of anyone who wishes to consistently make it in life. A popular phrase that former President Obama used during his campaign to become president of the U.S. was, “Yes I can”, and this is a phrase which anyone who wishes to consistently win in life should immediately latch on to.

So D. Paul, let me ask you a question, you may say. Okay, go ahead. “Have you never come to a point in your life where you felt that you’d come up against a brick wall, figuratively speaking, on the road to success?” Thanks for the question, and of course I’ve come to a point in my life when it appeared as if the road to success city, to the achievement of my pre-determined goals and objectives had indeed been blocked. However, although I was temporarily at a standstill, I never said to myself or another “I can’t achieve my goal.”

So D. Paul, what did you say to yourself at that point you may further query? Well my friend, I simply used the phrase which is the title of today’s article, there’s always a way. Yes indeed, no matter how many brick walls, figuratively speaking, you encounter on the road to success, you need to know and fully embrace the fact, that no matter what the situation seems to be, there is a way to achieve your objective, provided you don’t quit.

Yes my friend, if you wish to consistently win in life, you must become both totally positive in outlook and absolutely dedicated to achieving your goals, no matter what, come hell or high water, as that particular saying puts it. It’s not easy to consistently succeed in life; however, you can do it when you get this simple concept into your head once and for all — there’s always a way to get to success city provided you don’t quit.


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