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Aliv brings local events alive through sponsorship support

Aliv is putting its money where its mouth is by helping to make local events come alive through sponsorship, the company’s Sponsorship and Community Manager Bianca Sawyer told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.

Since its launch five months ago, Aliv has built pillars under which it takes its resources and services to the community in support of events and institutions. Sawyer said the company’s pillars are the arts, music, culture, entertainment, sports and health. She added that the company has chosen several charities to make donations to.

Aliv came out swinging following its launch by becoming the presenting sponsor for Hands for Hunger’s seminal event, Paradise Plates. Now the company has entered into an agreement with Hands for Hunger to partner on a project called “Canstruction”, which will include kids from Nassau’s schools.

“Canstruction is expected to launch in a few weeks and it brings awareness to hunger in The Bahamas,” said Sawyer. “They use the cans that they donate each month to build a sculpture and it’s judged and then the cans are donated to the Hands For Hunger outlets.”

Sawyer said when the company hit the market, the team went looking for organizations in need of their support. She said Aliv has been the first corporate sponsor to take on the Freedom Farm Baseball League as a sponsor.

“It has to be something we can bring alive,” she said.

Aliv will also be the sponsor of the Grand Bahama Flag Football League, according to Sawyer, who said the company will continue to move around the islands to show support.

“We want to ensure that on each island everyone knows that Aliv is here and that we are good corporate citizens,” she said.

Recently, Aliv and Soul In Da Bowl assisted with feeding firefighters working to extinguish the blaze at the New Providence Landfill.

The company has rolled out its services in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Eleuthera and is expected to continue to introduce stores and products in the coming months. The company recently launched its corporate services in grand style at club Crush in Atlantis.

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