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Minnis, Knowles and Komolafe nominate for Killarney

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, the current MP for the Killarney constituency, officially nominated yesterday.

He nominated along with the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) Reneika Knowles and the Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) Arinthia Komolafe.

Yesterday morning, the candidates all submitted the necessary documents along with their $400 deposit in Bahamian currency to officials from the Parliamentary Registration Department (PRD) at H.O. Nash Junior High School.

Determined to become the next prime minister of The Bahamas, Minnis said cracking down on corruption would be a particular focus of his adminstration.

“The present government has not done a good job in moving the country forward,” Minnis said.

“They have not been transparent and with this new change team, we will go very, very hard on corruption.

“We will investigate all areas… and where there is any corrupt behavior that we can determine, those matters will be brought to the court and dealt with appropriately.”

Minnis nominated minutes after Komolafe, who is a newcomer to front-line politics.

She said she is confident in her campaign and discussed her plans to develop the constituency, should she be elected.

“I thank God for this day and the opportunity to nominate and serve on behalf of the people of Killarney,” she said.

“…The plans that I have are very multi-faceted.

“What we are focusing on is the promotion of culture, commerce, community and knowledge.

“What we’re hoping to do is to be able to take our platform and link the very historical and very diverse nature of Killarney into our economic platform.”

Komolafe plans to form a chartered high school in the constituency, promote the presence of a library, create a Killarney tour for visitors to experience historical sites and villages, and create entrepreneurial opportunities through grants, among other initiatives.

Knowles nominated last.

This is also her first time in front-line politics.

She said the journey to election day thus far has been “a dream come true”.

“I have zero concerns,” she said when asked about her competition.

“I will focus on my plan.

“Tunnel vision and thats it.”

She added, “It is very humbling and it is a dream come true.

“I still have to pinch myself sometimes to see that it is a reality, but it is a dream come true.”

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