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Entrepreneurs, communicate like a boss

One key skill entrepreneurs must develop is the ability to communicate. Every entrepreneur is inherently a salesperson, whether you realize it or not. Even the business owner who may try to shy away from personally selling his or her business needs to be able to communicate a clear vision to those who represent the company. No man is an island and being able to inspire others who can help facilitate your dream requires some salesmanship. Here are three things to help you sell your business to prospects, investors, team and clients.

Present the big picture. Entrepreneurs are usually visionaries with big dreams. It is important for you to connect people with the big picture and where you are going. When you talk to your team, it always helps when people feel they are a part of something significant. Talk about how your product or service can change lives, enhance an industry or fill an ignored niche. To be able to express this clearly, you need to take the time to get it out of your head and on to paper. When you write what you visualize, it will help you to better express yourself whenever you are given the opportunity.

Put them in the picture. When I sold vacation ownership, we were trained to put our prospects in the picture. People are more apt to commit when they see how they fit in the picture. This applies when you are talking to people on your team, a prospective investor or a client. For example, when your personal assistant understands the big picture and how they fit into the picture, it creates buy-in. They become more than just someone who completes the required task, they become a partner toward the big goal. Investors want to know how funding your project can not only bring a return from you, but may also create additional opportunities. Put your clients in the picture by helping them to see themselves without the problem you claim you can solve, what their life can be like or the status or association they can attain.

Listen. Listening helps to bring perspective and an understanding of what is really important to the other person. Before you start to sell someone your idea, ask questions and get an understanding of what they want. As the great Zig Ziglar quote goes, “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give other people what they want.” However, we do not know what people want until we take the time to listen.

Speak their language. Research has shown that people are wired in one of four ways — analytical, driver, amiable and expressive. It is said we all have a dominant set of thought patterns that drive the way we communicate and make our decisions. Most of us only communicate based on our own wiring. However, great communicators listen to get a clear understanding of what is important to the other person and then speaks to them on their own terms, in their language. Learning to communicate with those styles that differ from yours increases your capacity to deepen connection.

If you are running the show regarding your business, your ability to communicate is an essential key to your success.

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