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Lawsuit filed against Fyre Festival seeks $5 mil. in damages

Fyre Festival is facing yet another court action brought by law firm Greenspoon Marder in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida “on behalf of all ticket purchasers defrauded and wronged by the organizers of Fyre Festival”.

Fyre Festival has been under fire since it had to be cancelled last weekend due to the alleged unpreparedness of the concert organizers.

This is the second lawsuit filed against the organizers since the high-end concert was cancelled as festival attendees arrived on Great Exuma.

“The lawsuit seeks more than $5 million in damages, as well as a motion to limit the defendants’ communications with the plaintiffs and potential class members,” a press release outlining the lawsuit explained.

“This will be the first lawsuit filed against the organizers of the Fyre Festival in the Southern District of Florida — a region considered to be the ‘hub’ for the Fyre Festival.

“To attend the festival, all festival goers were required to take a flight from Miami to The Bahamas. Further, while the event was supposed to take place in The Bahamas, the tickets list the location of the event as a Florida address.

“This is also the first lawsuit to address the defendants’ efforts to escape liability by offering a vague, unknown refund.”

According to the release, festival goers who were, by and large, left stranded on Great Exuma when Fyre Festival was cancelled were offered an option to “apply” for a refund, apparently without the guarantee that one would be afforded.

“Ticket purchasers were then required to fill out a vague, lengthy, multi-question application form, which also failed to advise the potential class of their litigation right,” the release said.

“The Rule 23(d) Motion to Limit Communications is designed to protect the plaintiffs and potential class members from misleading communications such as the April 30 refund email that seeks to unfairly deprive them of their legal rights and reimbursement of all of the costs they incurred and damages they suffered.”

The Bahamas has had to do its own public relations campaign in the wake of the cancelled Fyre Festival, co-founded by rapper Ja Rule. The concert prices ranged in the thousands of dollars and the concert was billed to have an amazing line-up of top 40 artists.

Even the public relations agency representing Fyre Festival has been named in this latest lawsuit.

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