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Dames: Crime won’t subside quickly

Just because the government changes doesn’t mean crime will go away immediately, asserted Minister of National Security Marvin Dames yesterday, following recent comments from Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis that notwithstanding several recent killings, there has been a sense of “calmness”, in many respects, over the nation since his government took office.

There have been six murders since May 10.

Speaking to the media outside the House of Assembly, Dames said, “We had the Speech from the Throne just last week and so we are working with haste.

“We are working very assiduously to work with these organizations to roll out our policies so that they can begin to move as quickly as possible to begin transforming those policies into strategies and into operations.

“That is not going to happen in a few days or even in a few hours, so we are not saying here today that because the FNM is the government that murders will go away, but what we are saying is that we will begin to work closely with all of the law enforcement agencies and all of the stakeholders in government to move as quickly as possible so that Bahamians can begin to see a relief from crime.

“There are some things we can do in the short-term, and we know that, and this is why we have already begun this engagement with law enforcement.”

When asked how he would describe the atmosphere of crime in the country, Dames added yesterday, “Crime levels are too high in the country, we said that on the campaign trail and that hasn’t changed.

“Now that we are the government, we will begin working with the leaders of these law enforcement agencies, getting them to understand exactly what our mandate is, what our plans are, so that they can take those plans and begin transforming them into strategies, that is their role.

“Our role is to ensure that the plans that we have articulated leading up to the general election are carefully and methodically implemented into strategies, and so that we can begin seeing reduction.

“We are excited that our plans will do that, but that is not going to happen overnight.

“I can’t stand here and say to you that you will no longer see murders; it would be crazy for me to make such a statement.”

There have been 60 murders for the year, according to The Guardian’s records.



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