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Sentencing delay for banker’s killer

Sentencing for the man convicted of the brutal 2015 killing of banker Devince Smith was yesterday adjourned to June 21 as probation and psychiatric reports were not ready.

Lamar Albury was convicted of manslaughter in a 10–2 majority verdict in March.

Smith sustained 33 injuries during the attack that Albury claimed was provoked when Smith made sexual advances toward him.

Albury testified that he had a working relationship with Smith for about four months before the attack.

According to Albury, Smith brought him to his home after 5 p.m. to do some painting.

Initially, he claimed that Smith had asked him to “link some girls” so they could have sex, but he was unable to find anyone.

Albury said that Smith offered him some Hennessy, which he drank, before showing him what areas he needed painted.

Albury claimed that Smith sent him for a beer, and when he brought the drink to the bedroom, Smith was in his bed watching porn.

Albury vacillated between whether Smith attempted to grab, or actually grabbed his genitals.

However, he claimed that he had to use deadly force to get out of the home, as Smith allegedly pursued him with his pants down to the ankle on one leg.

Although Albury said that he was in shock, he said he washed up after killing Smith and wiped off his prints.

Albury turned himself in to police on January 4, 2016.




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