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KFC employee retires after nearly five decades of service

In 1969, two years after KFC Nassau opened its doors as the first quick-service franchise in the country, 17-year-old Edith Stuart walked through the doors of the Mackey St. branch for her first day of work at the fledgling, Bahamian-owned franchise. Forty-eight years later, as KFC Nassau celebrated its 50th anniversary, Stuart decided to hang up her apron and retire.

“KFC was my second big family,” said Stuart, as she reminisced about her tenure at the company. “I spent more time in there than at home. I loved working at KFC.”

When Stuart joined KFC Nassau at its original Mackey St. restaurant, it was just a few buildings south of its current location. Aside from a brief stint at KFC Golden Gates, she spent her nearly five-decade career at that store.

She was one of a number of employees that have been with the company for more than two decades.

“We’re proud that as the oldest, quick-service franchise in the country, Bahamians of multiple generations have grown up with KFC,” said George Myers, chairman & CEO of Restaurants (Bahamas) Limited, KFC Nassau’s parent company. “This love and passion for our brand can be seen in the way our team members treat the hundreds of Bahamians who visit our restaurants every day. On behalf of myself and the entire management team at KFC Nassau, we wish Edith nothing but the best in her retirement.”


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