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WSC reintroduces 50% savings for new and returning customers

Following the tremendous success of the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (WSC) “Make the Switch” and “Ditch the Well” campaigns, which saw hundreds of customers resume service or start new services with the corporation, WSC has reintroduced its 50 percent discount until December 2017.

“We understand that, for some, the cost of connecting or reconnecting to our water supply system may be a burden,” explained Public Affairs Manager Visna Armbrister. “But with a looming hurricane season and our improved water services, we have heard the cry to make our services more affordable, so once again we’ve reduced our fees by cutting costs in half.”

Over the last five years, the Water and Sewerage Corporation, with the assistance of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), has proven its commitment to quality and growth by having completed much-needed upgrades to aging water mains and equipment, without any direct cost to its customers. The upgrades are part of the government’s plan to protect the safety of water being supplied to communities around the island, particularly those who use well water, which is often susceptible to contamination by natural disasters or man-made hazards.

“WSC’s professionally trained staff monitor our water 24/7, to ensure that our water quality meets World Health Organization standards,” Armbrister added.

In October of 2016, the corporation put those improvements to the test during the height of a major hurricane.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that we were able to maintain our service during the passage of Hurricane Matthew last year. We know how important it is for customers to have a reliable and safe water supply, particularly during and after a storm,” she added. “Now as we head into another hurricane season, projected to be above average, we want to reach out to those who were unable to return to us before to come back now, and we will offer this promotion until the end of December”.

Interested persons who want to sign up for WSC services are asked to contact the WSC customer service department by calling 302-5599, or visiting its website to sign up online. “We are very pleased as well about our improvements in customers’ ease of doing business with us,” said Armbrister. “No longer do you have to come in to start your sign up, but you can sign up while sitting in your home and you will be able to view and pay your bills online too.”


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