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Let’s jam for a good cause

Music with a Latin flare from Dr. Jose Ruiz; urban funk from Joey Sommerville and a Bahamian fusion kind of R&B experience from The Jam Session Band will make for an incredible night of music at Hillside House, as IGM (Ivory Global Management Ltd) hosts Summer Jazz Jam Session, a fundraising effort to support young musicians featuring three different kinds of musical journeys within an evening.

“It will be an incredible night of music at a beautiful venue, Hillside House, an art gallery with a beautiful garden in the heart of town,” says Roscoe Dames, founder of IGM Summer Music Camp and Mentoring Program.

“The evening’s flow will have Shon Pennerman’s The Band Jam Session backing up Ruiz and Sommerville over three musical sets featuring The Jam Session Band, another with Sommerville and the third with Dr. Ruiz.”

The intimate Summer Jazz Jam on Saturday, July 22 at 9 p.m. is planned for a maximum of 100 patrons.

“People are going to walk away saying wow, because two things are going to happen — they’re going to experience world-class music at a high level on one hand; and on the other, they will realize their donation goes to the development of someone else. They’re going to be reaching back, so to speak or paying it forward, to young musicians who want to aspire to be a Dr. Ruiz or a touring musician like Joey Sommerville who is making a living from the music and entertainment business,” said Dames.

Ruiz is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, educator, clinician and record producer known for his passionate performances, versatility and fluid expression on the flute, saxophone, bass, piano and Latin percussion.

His albums, performances, ensemble leadership in higher education, improvisations and compositions, and engineering skills have won an unprecedented 42 International DOWNBEAT (Magazine) Student Music Awards (2006-1016).

A contemporary jazz trumpet player, Sommerville is recognized for his “new music” and having started to peel back yet another layer of his being and artistry, and welcoming people into his world, because he was hearing another kind of music in his head.

Sommerville’s music was informed in part by his years of performing with Blues legends and jam band superstars. He worked with B.B. King protégé Big Joe Burrell and the megaband Phish, as he mingled with the contemporary jazz years while always including the early influences of Rock, R&B, gospel and classic Blues. The result for him meant that it was time for something bigger — something new — something authentic to the moment.

With IGM Summer Music Camp celebrating its 10th year (July 17-21), and Dames having plans to open the camp to an even larger number of music students around the country, including the offer of scholarships, the founder invited Dr. Ruiz and Sommerville to join the local team of instructors to work with the camp’s young musicians, and to host the fundraiser to be able to pursue further initiatives.

The mission of the camp is to promote the educational and cultural development as well as mentorship of young music students, by incorporating a global approach and providing cost-effective methods to expose youth to a cadre of musical experiences through its programs.

Funds raised from the evening will go towards the continuing education performance of young musicians.

“By preserving our musical heritage rooted in the African, European and American traditions, we encourage our students to explore their own identity,” said Dames of the camp’s goal.

The objective is the continued elevation of the technical proficiency of the students through exposure to a variety of musical disciplines, providing insight into the professional world of the music industry in areas such as management, marketing, recording processes, packaging, branding, and the record labels versus the independent route.

Drumming, piano, bass, guitar, woodwinds (sax, flute), brass (trumpet, trombone, tubas), percussions and vocal coaching are covered over the two-week period. Music theory and understanding music harmony as well as ensemble performances and jazz ensemble direction are covered.

“Over the course of the year, leading up to next year’s camp, we want to host a number of master classes where we bring down instructors just for a day and we’re doing the fundraiser in order to have funds just to do that, so we will have ongoing initiatives for music education for young people,” said Dames.

“I married the camp with Dr. Ruiz and Joey’s involvement to show young Bahamian musicians that we’re going to help improve their talent, but, at the same time, show them what it means to be in the industry and the opportunities that are there.”

Two of the camp’s stars will also get the honor of performing on the evening of the Summer Jazz Jam Session. Donations are $100 per person and inclusive of music, an open premium bar and hors d’oeuvres.


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