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New obstacles added for 2017 Chickcharney Challenge

This year’s Chickcharney Challenge promises to be the toughest version of the obstacle course race to date.

According to the event’s coordinator, Chester Robards, they’ve thrown in some new obstacles, expanded the course, and changed the route for the 2017 edition of the Chickcharney Challenge.

The race is open to all participants 17 years and older. It is set for 8 a.m. at Clifton Heritage Park on Sunday, July 16.

Part of the proceeds generated from the event will benefit the Bahamas National Council for Diabetes. The three-mile course will feature more than 10 obstacles.

In addition to the new obstacles and redesigned course, Robards said that this year’s event features a special paint, powder and mud theme.

“This year is going to be our best year yet. Every year we grow and increase the stakes in terms of the obstacles. We change the route every year, and then we add something extra and exciting,” he said. “This year we added paint, powder and mud, so you can kind of imagine what that is going to be like. Along with the fitness and obstacle side, there will be an element of excitement with the paint, powder and mud. We plan to make the crawl a lot longer, we have some new cargo nets that we plan to introduce, a rope shimmy and then some of the older things. Although it may seem daunting, it’s doable.”

Sign up is available at Club One Fitness Center in Sandyport or at Island Fit Chix on Shirley Park Avenue.

The top finishers receive cash and prizes, and everyone who finishes receives a signature T-shirt. The sign up fee is $40 for individuals and $30 per person for teams of four.

“We will look at getting some of the top finishers from this year’s race into the Spartan Race next year,” said Robards. “Already we have eight or nine teams confirmed. What we have right now is a competition between Macfit and the Crossfit Box, and I’m in the middle of it. I understand the defense force team is coming. I’m not sure if the police are putting a team together, but it would be great if we can have that rivalry out there as well. It’s going to be interesting. There will also be the individual aspect of it. It’s not so much as a race, but mostly a physical challenge. We strive to get better every year and we’re definitely still the best obstacle course race in the country.”

Those seeking more information on the event and for obstacle course training are asked to call 820-5664 or 357-5664. Online sign up is also available with Paypal at www.challengeyourself.fit.

The Chickcharney Challenge is sponsored by Club One Fitness Center, Kalik Light, Powerade, Colina, John Doe, Sun Tee, Aliv, Carib Hype, the Clifton Heritage National Park, Pup Star, and Island Fit Chix.



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