Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020
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The benefit of deep breaths

Let me commence here today by asking you a simple question, which of course I want you to answer with complete candor. Now here goes with the question — are you inclined to get frustrated a whole lot when things do not go your way and therefore frequently, as we say, blow your top, meaning of course lose your temper? Well, do you? If perchance the answer to that important question is in the affirmative for you, as you’re always blowing your stack, as that very descriptive saying so aptly describes it, well then, you need to go to work on this bad flaw in your character as soon as possible, lest you mess up your possibilities to be really successful in life.

Yes my friend, if you’re not able to properly control your emotions, you will not go far in life, believe me. Now, depending on how out of control you are, you may indeed need some professional assistance in the form of counseling or coaching. However, in the meantime, I would highly recommend a very simple method of getting back in control of your emotions.

As soon as you start to get uptight, instead of wanting to either stay and fight with whomever is causing the problem in your estimation, or running away from it and refusing point blank to deal with the situation, why not just start to take a couple of deep breaths. As simple as this sounds, it works!

Yes my friend, I want you to become fully aware of the benefits of deep breaths here today as they have an immediate calming effect on you and thus assist tremendously to keep you in a clear thinking, calm and productive mode. This in turn will assist you to succeed at all that you undertake each and every day. I guarantee it!


• Think about it!

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